ATEX festoon systems

Simbal stocks a comprehensive range of ATEX Festoon systems, available in C-Rail, Diamond track & RSJ trolley types, and suitable for carrying flatform or roundform cables, hoses or a combination of the two.

Areas with gas or dust must be protected from sources of ignition, and the ATEX directive sets out what equipment is safe for use in work environments with an explosive atmosphere. As a supplier of ATEX festoon systems, Simbal is responsible for ensuring that they meet essential health and safety standards for cranes and other moving machinery in ATEX Category 2 designated areas.

All Simbal ATEX festoon systems are approved according to the requirements of Directive 94/9/EC and are in full compliance with EX 112GD c T6 T85deg. C-INERIS 2010 File No DCE-EQEN No 023320/10. All systems are valid for use in areas and sites with a risk of explosive atmospheres and is approved for areas classified as Class 1 & 2 (Gas) & Class 21 & 22 (Dust).

Our expert technical sales staff are on hand to share advice on the most suitable option for them. To find out more, contact us on 01298 813883, at, or browse our products online.

  • Diamond

    ATEX Festoon system 2307 Ex

    ATEX approved Diamond track style festoon trolleys 2307-Ex for round cables / hoses
  • light RSJ

    ATEX Festoon system 2347 Ex

    ATEX approved RSJ style festoon trolleys 2347-Ex for flat and round cables / hoses
  • 2331

    ATEX Festoon system 2336 Ex

    ATEX approved C-Rail style festoon trolleys 2336-Ex for round cables / hoses
  • 400 header

    ATEX Festoon system 2310 Ex

    ATEX approved C-Rail style festoon trolleys 2310-Ex for flat cables