Medium duty cable reeling drums

Our medium duty cable reeling drum is a self-contained, compact unit with a large range of cable sizes and payout lengths.

While suitable for use across a wide range of industries, this range of drums is particularly suited for providing power feeds to monorail hoists, grabs and lifting frames, garage applications, ancillary equipment on stacker trucks and mobile cranes.

Simbal’s medium duty spring-operated cable reeling drums can be fitted with an integral pivoting mounting bracket, rubber cables, IP65 protection seals and fixing bolts to restrict the swivel action of the fixing bracket. A range of earthing reels and cable roller guides is also available.

To learn more, please contact our experienced technical sales staff on 01298 813883 or email us at You can also place an order directly through our website.

Part CodeCable sizeCable typeSlipringsPayoutCasingPrice eachAvailability 
5836/XF1 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp16m (15 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£158.00In StockBuy Now
6198/PRC1 x 2.5m2H05VV-F10 Amp30m (28 + 2)Die cast aluminium£383.002 - 3 weeksBuy Now
5834/XF1 x 6mm2H05VV-F10 Amp14m (12.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£182.00In StockBuy Now
6195/PRC1 x 6m2H05VV-F20 Amp26m (24 + 2)Die cast aluminium£387.002 - 3 weeksBuy Now
5832/XF1 x 16mm2H05VV-F10 Amp10m (8.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£234.00In StockBuy Now
6193/PRC1 x 16m2H05VV-F20 Amp17m (15 + 2)Die cast aluminium£520.002 - 3 weeksBuy Now
5830/XF2 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp12.5m (11 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£169.00In StockBuy Now
6191/PRC2 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp26m (24 + 2)Die cast aluminium£498.002 - 3 WeeksBuy Now
5828/XF3 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp14m (12.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£178.00In StockBuy Now
6187/PRC3 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp26m (24 + 2)Die cast aluminium£462.00In StockBuy Now
5827/XF3 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp12.5m (11 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£178.00In StockBuy Now
73153 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp27m (25 + 2)Grey plastic£372.00In StockBuy Now
43253 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp10m (9 + 1)Yellow plastic£220.00In StockBuy Now
5826/XF3 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F20 Amp10m (8.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£225.00In StockBuy Now
6185/PRC3 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F20 Amp17m (15 + 2)Die cast aluminium£510.00In StockBuy Now
5824/XF4 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp12m (10.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£190.00In StockBuy Now
6182/PRC4 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp26m (24 + 2)Die cast aluminium£482.00In StockBuy Now
44154 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp11m (10 + 1)Yellow plastic£234.00In StockBuy Now
74154 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp27m (25 + 1)Grey plastic£419.00In StockBuy Now
44254 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp9m (8 + 1)Yellow plastic£237.00In StockBuy Now
5822/XF4 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F20 Amp7m (5.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£250.00In StockBuy Now
74254 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp20m (18 + 1)Grey plastic£364.00In StockBuy Now
6521/PRC4 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F20 Amp17m (15 + 2)Die cast aluminium£630.00In StockBuy Now
6458/PRC4 x 4mm2H05VV-F20 Amp10m (8 + 2)Die cast aluminium£684.00In StockBuy Now
5844/XF5 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp9m (7.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£210.00In StockBuy Now
6063/PRC5 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp18m (16 + 2)Die cast aluminium£480.00In StockBuy Now
5843/XF5 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp7m (5.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£210.00In StockBuy Now
6067/PRC5 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp17m (15 + 2)Die cast aluminium£510.00In StockBuy Now
6068/PRC5 x 2.5mm2H05VV-F20 Amp12m (10 + 2)Die cast aluminium£573.00In StockBuy Now
5840/XF7 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp7.5m (6 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£280.00In StockBuy Now
5839/XF7 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp7m (5.5 + 1.5)Yellow plastic£280.00In StockBuy Now
6065/PRC7 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp18m (16 + 2)Die cast aluminium£640.00In StockBuy Now
6069/PRC7 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp11m (9 + 2)Die cast aluminium£540.00In StockBuy Now
6591/PRC12 x 1.0mm2H05VV-F10 Amp12m (10 + 2)Die cast aluminium£875.00In StockBuy Now
6593/PRC12 x 1.5mm2H05VV-F10 Amp8m (6 + 2)Die cast aluminium£895.002 - 3 WeeksBuy Now