Drum reeling cable

Drum reeling cable is specially designed and constructed for use on cable reeling drums, providing a flexible power supply to a wide variety of moving machinery such as cranes, conveyors and hoists.

The common applications dictate that these cables must be hard wearing and be capable of withstanding constant strain and bending, because of this we only carry stock from premium brands. The popular Drumflex  NSHTOU-J cables help us to meet challenging customer demands, these traditional neoprene sheath cables drum cables are specially designed for reeling applications, and feature a rubber compound core insulation which helps to provide the flexibility needed for such repetitive movements.

We also carry the increasingly popular Polyurethane sheath cables, which use a special polyurethane compound for the inner and outer sheath. Here at Simbal, we stock Trommelflex PUR-HF which has a black sheath cable, and Semoflex Drum with a yellow sheath. These cables have a similar construction to Drumflex, but the polyurathene sheath material improves core insulation without harming the product’s flexibility or durability. It also significantly reduces the cable’s overall diameter, making it suitable for use with a selection of smaller and less expensive cable reeling drums.

Where larger cable sizes are required we can supply Drumflex KSM-S which features a reduced size earth core to help maintain a reasonable outside cable diameter

All the above Simbal drum reeling cables have a standard nominal  voltage rating of 600/1000V, but we can also source and supply medium and high voltage drum reeling cables upon request.

Our extensive inventory helps us to meet most customer demands, and many cables are available for same day dispatch in our UK warehouse.

If you need to talk to an expert about your drum cable needs, we are only a phone call away on 01298 813883 or email us at sales@simbal.net. Our most popular sizes are also available to purchase directly through our website by following the links below to your chosen cable type.


  • Reeltec PUR-HF

    Reeltec PUR-HF

    600/1000V Reeltec PUR-HF Drum reeling cable
  • Drumflex NSHTOU-J

    Drumflex NSHTOU-J

    600/1000V Drumflex NSHTOU-J Rubber Drum reeling cable
  • Semoflex Drum

    Semoflex Drum

    600/1000V Drum reeling cable with yellow PUR sheath
  • Trommelflex PUR-HF

    Trommelflex PUR-HF

    600/1000V Trommelflex PUR-HF Drum reeling cable
  • Drumflex KSM-S

    Drumflex KSM-S

    600/1000V Rubber sheath drum cable with reduced section earth cores
  • High Voltage Drum reeling cables

    High Voltage Drum reeling cables

    1.8 - 3.0 (3.6) kV up to 18 - 30 (36) kV Drum Reeling cables