Enclosed multi-pole conductor systems (up to 200 Amp)

Simbal stocks Mobilis Elite multi-pole crane conductor systems to provide a safe power supply to mobile machinery, and offer a welcome alternative to loose cables.

Mobilis Elite is a totally enclosed crane conductor system available in a range of intensities, from 20 Amp up to 200 Amp. Standard collector trolleys rated at 40, 80 and 120 Amp are available. This product is ideally suited to applications such as travelling cranes, elevator installations and electrical industrial doors.

One of the key features of Mobilis Elite crane conductor systems is the ease of assembly and installation. Thanks to the use of self-aligning and clip-on hangers and joint covers, as well as simple conductor connections, there are no requirement for special tools. Installation is quick and easy, minimising the need for costly man hours, equipment hire and site disruption. Expansion sections are even available for long systems, and high speed collector trolleys can provide greater speeds if necessary.

On top of this, Mobilis Elite conductor crane rails meet the highest level of health and safety standards. All systems carry a protection rating of IP23, making it compliant with CE regulations for fingerproof security. This system is suitable for application in a range of temperatures and at various intensities, making it the ideal solution for many different applications.

If you think Mobilis Elite could improve your business operations, get in touch to discuss your individual needs. Contact our experienced technical sales staff on 01298 813883 or email us at sales@simbal.net.

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    Mobilis ELITE Single pole crane conductor system 40 – 200 Amp

    Multi-Pole enclosed conductor system