Powerline (single bar mono pole conductor systems 60 - 2000 Amps)

SIMBAL mono-pole crane conductor systems are available in a range of intensities up to 2000 Amps and are ideally suited for many applications including large overhead cranes, people movers and fairground rides.

The high performance single pole crane conductor system features either aluminium conductor bars with stainless steel contact surfaces or solid copper conductors. Both types provide excellent conductivity while maintaining a lightweight system at a competitive price.

As with Mobilis Elite, one of the key features of the SIMBAL mono-pole systems is the ease of assembly and installation. Self-aligning and clip-on hangers and joint covers and simple conductor connections remove any need for specialist tools or training. Installation is quick and easy, and expansion sections are even available for long systems, while high speed collector trolleys provide greater speeds if necessary.

The rigid structure of the PVC enclosure provides true finger proof security and the standard system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. With bar centres of only 50mm, the compact design not only minimises space requirements, but also reduces voltage drop due to its low line impedence.

If you think Mobilis Movit crane conductor systems could improve your business operations, get in touch to discuss your individual needs. Contact our experienced technical sales staff on 01298 813883 or email us at sales@simbal.net.

  • Powerline W Single pole conductor system 60 – 400 Amp

    Standard single pole conductor system
  • Powerline V Single pole conductor system 500 – 2000 Amp

    High capacity single pole conductor system