Fixed (DIN Rail mounted) radio control

DIN rail mounted radio systems are designed to transmit commands between two machines without manual input.

The M8 radio transmitter is designed for mounting on a DIN rail, and is the ideal solution for applications requiring wireless transmission for on/off and/or proportional commands coming from sensors or RS232 and RS485 ports. Although normally paired with a DIN rail mounted receiver, the M8 transmitter can also be used in conjunction with standard type ‘L’ and ‘H’ receivers where required.

In addition to the 21 on/off and 4 proportional commands, Start, Stop and frequency change inputs are available as traditional radio control commands. The MAC receiver can also be used in conjunction with other transmitters in the range.

The M8 DIN Rail components can be operated from a supply voltage of 12 – 24v AC/DC. DIN rail mounted components should be placed inside a control box for clean and trouble free installation, and are supplied complete with external antennae for radio communication.

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  • M550 M8 DIN Rail mounted radio systems

    M550 M8 DIN Rail mounted radio systems