Joystick radio systems

Here at Simbal, we also offer IMET radio remote controls for a vast range of complex applications where joystick control is required.

The M550S ZEUS and THOR range of IMET radio remote control systems enables the provision of large numbers of commands, through combinations of joysticks, push buttons, switches and potentiometers. What’s more, joysticks can be configured to provide either proportional control for variable speed applications, or on/off commands with up to five steps in each direction.

ZEUS transmitters feature a maximum of two bi-axial joysticks plus up to eight auxiliary buttons or switches, whilst the larger THOR unit can accommodate four bi-axial joysticks and as many as 12 auxiliary commands. Transmitters are also available with as many as eight single axis proportional joysticks for applications such as hydraulic proportional cranes, telescopic handlers, and crawler vehicles. In addition, the ZEUS type B transmitter is able to offer double-axis joystick movement commands for applications such as tower cranes, factory cranes, small concrete pumps, and high pressure and vacuum pump vehicles.

Alternatively, both ZEUS & THOR radio remote control systems can be configured without joysticks, leaving space for even more buttons and switches. Both transmitters can be customised to produce remote radio controls suitable for just about any piece of machinery imaginable.

Our range of IMET radio remote control transmitters and receivers is ideally suited to controlling a wide variety of hydraulic machinery, with typical applications including truck cranes and forestry equipment. To compliment these systems, we also offer a power pack and conversion kit for the modification of existing manual systems with lever and cross rod control.

To find out more about joystick radio controls, please contact our experienced technical sales staff on 01298 813883 or email us at

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