Push button radio systems

Our push button radio remote control range can be divided into two specific product types.

The Panther radio remote control is simple and cost effective, transmitting simple on/off commands and ideally suited for applications such as barriers, gates and winches. Transmitters are available with up to 10 command buttons, and can be programmed to activate any relay or combination of relays, providing a high level of flexibility. Both the transmitter and receiver are made from tough engineering plastic, and the receiver has an IP67 weatherproof seal whilst the receiver is rated IP66.

In contrast, the M550S WAVE IMET radio remote control is a higher integrity unit with emergency stop and safety stop circuits. These remotes are all rated IP65 and specially designed for applications with high level safety requirements. The robust yet ergonomic design and 25mm diameter motion buttons are designed for ease of use even while wearing industrial gloves, and a mushroom emergency stop button continues to guard against accidental damage.

WAVE S transmitters are available with 4, 6, or 8 double pressure motion buttons, and are the perfect solution for the control of various equipment across many different industries. Popular applications include electric hoists, overhead cranes, waste tankers and concrete pumps.

The larger WAVE L transmitters are available with 10 or 12 double pressure motion buttons. These are better suited for the control of more complex machines, such as overhead cranes, which are equipped with additional functions such as auxiliary hoists, grabs and magnets. The possibility to customise the M550S WAVE range means that the full range of possible applications is virtually endless.

  • Wave 2 Push Button Radio System

    Wave 2 Push Button Radio System

    Push button radio system
  • PANTHER Push button radio

    PANTHER Push button radio

    Push button radio system