Quality lifting and handling equipment relies on quality brands

Simbal stocks a huge range of goods to meet almost every need within the lifting and handling industry. In order to offer this choice, we source from variety of brands as well as creating our own custom products.

The performance of our supplier base directly influences our ability to provide quality customer service. We therefore make it a priority to nurture positive working relationships with our partner brands. This helps us to acquire the best quality products quickly and at a competitive price.

Building relationships

We work hard to build strong, long lasting supplier relationships on a foundation of professionalism and constant communication. As a result, we have created great partnerships and secured exclusive distributorship arrangements with most of our major suppliers.

These thriving relationships complement our own industry expertise, and enable Simbal to source the best products for the best prices. We can even acquire specialist products to meet uncommon customer orders. As a result, we can provide solutions throughout the lifting and handling industry.

Quality suppliers

We also guarantee that all of our goods meet the strictest regulatory standards and highest performance criteria required from lifting and handling equipment operating in the UK and beyond. Simbal only deals with established and reputable suppliers, so you don’t have to worry about quality.

The quality of our own service also ensures that orders are received on time. Our quick dispatch service means items can be delivered to the customer’s door as quickly as possible. This helps to reduce any operational downtime and keeps the lifting and handling industry on track.

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