Diamond track festoon systems

Diamond track festoon systems are generally used in more arduous environments where standard c-rail or catenary systems are unsuitable.

The sloping surface of the track effectively prevents the buildup of dust, making this system a reliable choice for any dusty or dirty environment.’ in addition to this, diamond track festoon systems offer an incredible level of agility on curved systems by using eight wheels, half of which travel on the top inclined surface and half on the bottom. This means that as the trolleys attempt to tip, the under rollers come into contact with the profile and allow the trolley to roll freely around the curve. In contrast, other trolleys travelling around a curved festoon system will be towed across the curve, creating a tendency for trolleys to tip and jam.

Simbal provides diamond track festoon systems manufactured from galvanised steel as standard, but stainless steel track is also available on request. To find out more, contact our expert sales team on 01298 813883, email us at sales@simbal.net, or browse and order our products online.

  • Diamond track festoon systems

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