RSJ festoon systems

There are two distinct types of RSJ festoon systems, and here at Simbal we stock both at a competitive price.

Light duty RSJ systems are designed to run on the bottom flange of the hoist runway beam. This range of trolleys offers a simple and cost effective solution if you do not have a trolley parking restriction. The trolley width can be adjusted to suit the beam width, with the trolleys then running on the runway beam to follow the hoist or moving machine.

In contrast, heavy duty RSJ systems are designed to carry multiples of large cables over long travel lengths and at relatively high speeds. Typical applications include cranes and other machinery at steelworks, quarries and docks. Capacities range from 60kg up to 500kg for individual trolleys, with high capacity trolleys made to order for specific requirements. Trolleys run independently from the fed machine on a dedicated beam, and link together with towing chains to relieve tension on cables.

A range of cable clamps are available for both light and heavy duty trolleys to suit flatform cables, roundform cables and water or air hoses. Longer systems with multiple cables can also be accommodated. In addition to this, we can finish trolley bodies and cable saddles in standard paint, epoxy paint, galvanized or stainless steel.

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  • Light duty RSJ Trolleys

    Light duty RSJ Trolleys

    Standard trolley system designed to run on same beam as hoist or travelling machine
  • Heavy duty RSJ Trolleys

    Heavy duty RSJ Trolleys

    Standard & made to order trolleys for carrying multiple cables in heavy duty applications