Flatform cable glands

Flatform cable glands are used on most festoon systems and other applications where flatform cable is present. These are specially designed to adapt the flat cable profile to the round hole in the accepting panel.

Simbal stocks a full range of glands to complement our range of flatform cables, with connections designed to suit a particular type and purpose. These include both PVC and plated brass glands for all cable sizes. PVC flatform cable glands are manufactured from PVC in a flute profile to suit cable sections up to 37 x 11mm, while metal flatform cable glands are produced using nickel plated brass, with a special slot insert to suit cable sections up to 45 x 12mm.

Simbal has decades of experience in the lifting and handling industry, and we understand what makes our customers tick. Our extensive inventory of flatform cable glands makes it possible to offer next-day delivery on the vast majority of customer orders, and this incredible service has made us a trusted supplier across multiple industries. To learn more, please contact our expert sales staff on 01298 813883 or email us at sales@simbal.net.