Crane cables

Simbal supplies a huge range of products for lifting and handling equipment, but crane cables are our bread and butter. These cables are specifically designed for carrying power and control signals to a wide variety of mobile machinery, and exist in a range of types and sizes.

Flatform cables are most commonly used on festoon systems, carrying power and control signals to travelling machinery such as overhead cranes, electric hoists, trolley systems and container bridges. Similarly, PUR festoon cables are designed for use with heavy duty trolley systems and cable drag chains and are commonly used in extremely heavy duty and arduous applications such as steelworks and ship to shore cranes.

As the name would suggest, pendant cables are designed to feed control signals to pendants and feature integral steel strainer wires to support the weight of the pendant or control box when hanging from overhead cranes, hoists and other equipment.

Strong yet flexible, drum reeling cables are used in combination with cable reeling drums to provide a flexible power supply to moving machinery such as cranes, conveyors and hoists. These cable types are available with either rubber or PUR outer sheath and are specially constructed to cope with the constant bending and small bend radii associated with drum reeling applications.

Finally, spreaderflex cable is suitable for very high mechanical stresses involved in a vertical basket type applications, performed by specialist lifting devices such as container spreader beams.

Lifting and handling equipment plays an essential role in many industrial environments, so it’s essential to invest in quality crane cables. For this reason, all of our products are sourced from well-established European manufacturers with solid reputations. Thanks to our huge inventory and varied stock, many types of crane cables can also be dispatched on our next-day delivery service.

Whether you need an urgent delivery of crane cables or want to place a specialist order, you can count on Simbal to meet the challenge. To learn more, please contact our experienced technical sales staff on 01298 813883 or email us at You can even order many of these cables directly from our website.