Features & Typical applications

  • SIMBAL UL/CSA approved 600 Volt PVC Flat cables are suitable for use as both power and control cables for many different types of travelling machinery where American (UL) and/or Canadian (CSA) approved cables are required. Typical applications include Hoists, Cranes, Trolley systems, Transfer lines, Container bridges, Machine tools, Elevators etc. They are also suitable for other applications where cables are required to be bent to a tight radius in one direction
Part NoSectionOuter Dims approx. (mm)Weight kg/kmPrice / mAvailability 
08011 0150 04(UL/CSA)4c x 16AWG14.4 x 5.1150TBA2 - 3 WeeksBuy Now
08011 0150 08(UL/CSA)8c x 16AWG27.8 x 5.1292£5.15In StockBuy Now
08011 3500 04(UL/CSA)8c x 2AWG50.0 x 14.32050TBA2 - 3 WeeksBuy Now
08011 1600 04(UL/CSA)4c x 6AWG36.8 x 11.01014£15.00In StockBuy Now
08011 1000 04(UL/CSA)4c x 8AWG29.2 x 9.1652£10.30In StockBuy Now
08011 0600 04(UL/CSA)4c x 10AWG20.8 x 7.0383£7.00In StockBuy Now
08011 2500 04(UL/CSA)8c x 4AWG42.4 x 12.41400TBA2 - 3 WeeksBuy Now
08011 0400 04(UL/CSA)4c x 12AWG18.0 x 6.0264£5.50In StockBuy Now
08011 0250 14(UL/CSA)14c x 14AWG53.0 x 5.5660TBA2 -3 WeeksBuy Now
08011 0250 12(UL/CSA)12c x 14AWG46.0 x 5.5570TBA2 -3 WeeksBuy Now
08011 0250 04(UL/CSA)4c x 14AWG31.0 x 5.5380£4.50In StockBuy Now
08011 0250 08(UL/CSA)8c x 14AWG31.0 x 5.5380TBA2 -3 WeeksBuy Now