Current collectors & general conductor system spares

SIMBAL carry large stocks of collectors and other spares to support our range of crane conductor systems and many of the popular items are available to purchase on-line. If you can not find what you are looking for please either call our sales office on 01298 813883 or email us at

Part NoProductAvailabilityPrice each 
MI4034-1M60A Mobilis INNO CollectorIn Stock£184.50Buy Now
MI1000Set of 4 joint connection clips for Mobilis INNO Conductor systemIn Stock£4.40Buy Now
ME2034-1M40A Mobilis ELITE CollectorIn Stock£78.75Buy Now
ME4047-1M80A Mobilis ELITE CollectorIn Stock£204.00Buy Now
ME5049-1M120A Mobilis ELITE CollectorIn Stock£343.75Buy Now
ME1600Single collector carrierIn Stock£18.50Buy Now
ME1660Single collector carrier with boxIn Stock£80.75Buy Now
ME1610Double collector carrierIn Stock£27.00Buy Now
ME1630Triple collector carrierIn Stock£46.50Buy Now