Standard control cable

Control cables are commonly used with a vast range of power and control equipment, and are widely used in manufacturing and construction and within transport networks and automation control systems.

Here at Simbal, we stock a wide range of control cables suitable for use in various applications. For instance, our standard duty PVC control cable is suitable for most fixed installations where light or moderate duty stresses can occur. We also stock rubber sheath cables, offering increased resistance to wear and suited to applications which require significant flexibility. In addition to this, we also stock CY cables which come with an overall tinned copper braid screen.

In addition to a large range of standard YY, CY & SY & H07RN-F control cables, we carry further stocks of multi-norm control cables which carry UL/CSA approval alongside the standard DIN approvals. We keep many of the most popular cables in stock at all times, enabling fast turnaround on orders and providing our customers with incredible service.

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