Series 8400 Stainless steel hose reels

The Full Stainless Steel hose reels are perfect for a variety of different applications including the food and drink industry, boating industry, chemical sector and heavy duty work environments with corrosive atmosphere. They are ideal for industrial cleaning, blowing operations and transport of
fluids such as oil and AdBlue.

Features & Technical data

  • * Brackets in Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • * Screws and bolts in Stainless Steel AISI 316L
  • * End pipe fitting and incomig fitting in Stainless Steel AISI 316L
  • * Coil shaft, bushings, ring nuts and rotating shaft in Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • * Automatic blocking device for the hose at the required length
  • * Reel roller hose guide that can be moved in different configurations to help the reeling of the hose.
  • * Adjustable hose stopper
Part codeHose internal dia.Hose lengthHose typeIncoming fittingEnd pipe fittingMax pressureUse forPrice eachAvailability 
8448/111110mm18mEN857 1SC Blue3/8" Female3/8" Female200 barOil, Water£655.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8446/111110mm15mEN857 1SC Blue3/8" Female3/8" Female200 barOil, Water£625.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8443/111110mm18mEN857 1SC Black3/8" Female3/8" Female200 barOil, Water£545.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8442/111110mm15mEN857 1SC Black3/8" Female3/8" Female200 barOil, Water£495.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8440/1113  without hose3/8" Female1/2" Female200 barOil, Water£350.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8482/111119mm8mPVC-PU3/4" Male3/4" Female15 barAdBlue£1,040.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8432/111112.5mm12mPU - Food quality1/2" Female1/2" Male15 barWater£530.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8427/111112.5mm20mKPU1/2" Female1/2" Male20 barAir, Water£595.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8426/111112.5mm15mKPU1/2" Female1/2" Male20 barAir, Water£560.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8406/111110mm18mSAE100 R61/2" Female3/8" Male20 barAir, Water£580.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8404/111110mm12mSAE100 R61/2" Female3/8" Male20 barAir, Water£530.002-3 weeksBuy Now
8401/1113  without hose1/2" Female1/2" Female20 barAir, Water£350.002-3 weeksBuy Now