Cruciform Limit Switches

SIMBAL Type FCR Cruciform style limit switch is a control circuit switch and is the ideal solution for limiting travel motions on overhead cranes, electric hoists and many other types of travelling machines. The standard FCR006 model is a 5 position switch suitable for two speed motor control allowing slow down & stop functions. Single speed motor control switches are also available with either 3 or 4 positions.

Part CodeCircuit typeNo of positionsMechanical InterlockSingle or Two speed controlData sheet schematic :Price eachAvailabilityData sheet schematic 
FCR 005Control only4NoSingle SpeedDiagram 5£95.00Please callBuy Now
FCR 004Control only4NoSingle SpeedDiagram 4£95.00Please callBuy Now
FCR 003Control only4NoSingle SpeedDiagram 3£95.00Please callBuy Now
FCR 002Control only3YesSingle SpeedDiagram 2£95.00Please callBuy Now
FCR 001Control only3YesSingle SpeedDiagram 1£95.00Please callBuy Now
FCR 006Control only5YesTwo SpeedDiagram 6£105.00Ex StockBuy Now