Rubber buffers

Rubber buffers are designed to absorb the impact of any collision between moving parts of machinery, minimising potential damage and contributing to a safer and more controlled workplace.

Many industrial processes can involve a huge amount of force, and the operating life of the most expensive machinery can shrink rapidly under these huge physical stresses. In order to withstand various industrial settings, rubber buffers must be designed to deal with harsh environmental factors such as fluctuating temperatures, weather exposure and heavy repeated use.

We provide an extensive range of rubber buffers in various formats, designed for use with different lifting and handling equipment. Thanks to our extensive inventory and efficient delivery services, our customers also benefit from impressive lead times on their orders.

If you’re unsure what product is best suited to your needs, please contact our team for expert advice. Simply contact us on 01298 813883, email us at, or place an order directly through our website.

  • Stud mounting Rubber buffers

    Stud mounting Rubber buffers

  • Rubber buffers with backplate

    Rubber buffers with backplate