Spring Balancers

Simbal’s spring balancers are the ideal solution to many applications which require a tool to be held or positioned without excessive manual effort.

By suspending equipment from a secure point and controlling its movement, manual exertion and opportunity for human error is reduced. Suitable applications vary from light bench work to heavy industrial applications in areas such as foundries and car assembly plants. Our extensive stock includes spring balancers in a range of capacities from 0.4kg up to 180kg, with working strokes from 1.60m up to 3.0m.

Simbal also stocks a range of ATEX spring balancers which are fully certified for use in potentially explosive environments. We stock spring balancers that meet ATEX Rating Ex II 2GD c II 85degC (T6), making them suitable for an infinite range of applications across many industries. They are fully earthed, with no internal metal to metal contact, and provide 100% electrical continuity. The spring drum offers a robust ribbed and sealed construction, which is both dustproof and watertight.

To speak to an expert, please contact our experienced technical sales staff on 01298 813883 or email us at sales@simbal.net. Alternatively, if you know the exact product you need, you can also place an order with us through our website.